Why Not Test-Drive the Ergohuman Office Chair?

In the arena of ergonomic office chairs, mesh seems to be the way forward, though leather and fabric still have their place, allowing the price of a good chair to be available to all classes of people. The Ergohuman chair is one of these and watching the chair in action, you’ll be forgiven for thinking the user is buying a car, as he or she uses the controls to get the chair absolutely correct for posture and comfort,  before giving it a test drive.

With a single lever, you are able to adjust this office chair’s height, its seat depth and the chair back tilt.  Watching the many arm rest adjustments being made then reminded me of that popular transformer toy, as the arms were heightened, widened, positioned and re-positioned, until they suited the user.  These adjustments looked so simple and the height of the back rest can be raised or lowered to get the automatic flexible lumbar support matching your personal body frame, even without getting out of the chair!  The chair’s tilt and its locking mechanism mean that you can be very laid back in your ergonomic chair.

The Ergohuman chair comes with arm rests, polished aluminium base and frame and with black castors.  The optional headrest is height-adjustable and one of the Ergohuman range of office chairs, the mirus chair boasts a zero-pressure cushion on this ergonomic chair.

This chair is absolutely stunning and comes in a range of inviting yet serviceable colours, all of which are washable.  The metal frame at the back of the chair is revolutionary and shows just how much thought has gone into giving exceptional back support.  Make sure you take one for a test drive.

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